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Lawn care tips for your new Halifax home

Wed, 28 May 2014 by Polycorp

Nothing says curb appeal quite like a plush green lawn. New homes for sale in Halifax will require basic lawn care to keep everything looking good. As a new homeowner, here are a few tips to maintaining a well-manicured yard.



Evaporation is at its lowest during the cooler parts of the day (sunrise/sundown). We advise watering then to promote a healthy yard and allot enough time for the water to absorb into the roots. Newly placed sod requires 5 to 10 minutes of watering on a daily basis for several weeks. Watering once a week is sufficient enough once grass is established. Always water your new lawn during dry spells.



Though there isn’t an art to mowing a lawn some homeowners still get it wrong. New sod doesn’t have to be mowed for up to three weeks after being planted. Then you’ll just have to mow it once a week. Do not cut shorter than 2 to 2.5 inches in height. Cutting your grass too short can cause disease, insects or weeds. Mowing regularly can help prevent weeds from growing.



Only fertilize your lawn in dry conditions. Spread it evenly throughout your lawn and water immediately after applying. Your lawn should be fertilized twice a year, usually during spring and fall.


No Walking Zone

Freshly planted sod needs to be established. Avoid walking or running on it at least 10 days after installation. Keep foot traffic to a bare minimum for at least three to four weeks.


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