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6 Ways to Quickly De Clutter Your New Home

Mon, 21 Jul 2014 by Polycorp

One of the benefits of moving into a new home is that there is no clutter. Staying organized and discarding things you don’t need is a sure way to keep your new home clean and organized.  Polycorp, the premier halifax home builders, suggests six ways to keep your new home clutter-free:

  1. Nightly clean up – Tidying up your home every night before you hit the hay is one way to keep your home organized and de-cluttered as you settle into your new home. This can be accomplished by taking out the trash, running the dishwasher, wiping down your countertops, straightening up pillows on the couch and refolding throw blankets. Putting things in their rightful place before you go to bed will allow you to wake up to a clean home and feel refreshed as you start a new day.
  2. Avoid impulse buys – Just because it looks good or is on sale doesn’t mean it belongs in your new home. Purchasing items you don’t need or don’t have room for is a sure way to an overcrowded home.  Whenever you update items we suggest incorporating a “buy an item give an item” mentality.  This can apply to clothes, shoes, small appliances, kitchen items, etc.
  3. Create a drop zone –Avoid the bad habit of putting things down anywhere in your new home. With a designated drop zone, you’ll be able to find things easier and keep your busy family organized. The garage or foyer areas are perfect spots for creating a drop zone where you can organize mail, keys, phones, etc.  Shelves and hooks are useful for hanging up coats, backpacks, sporting equipment and umbrellas while shoe cabinets are great way to keep shoes tidy and out of the way.
  4. Long-term pantry storage – More than likely your pantry will be one of the most frequently used rooms in your new home. That’s why it’s important to keep this area clean and organized. We suggest placing dry ingredients in glass, plastic or metal containers to save space. This will also help make for an easy cleanup and since you’ll visually see when items are running low you’ll know when they need to be replaced. If you choose to use the original boxes for your items, removing or cutting off box tops will make your items look neater. They’ll also be more accessible since you won’t have to remove the entire box to grab the contents.
  5. Stylish magazine rack – Magazines and newspapers build up over time. Reduce clutter in your home by incorporating a stylish magazine rack into your décor. This is a creative way to display your latest magazines without them taking up space on your coffee table, end tables or floors.
  6. Closet organizers – You can purchase an organizer for just about anything - pants, belts, ties, jewellery, scarves, purses, sweaters, etc., the list is endless.  These organizers can help consolidate your clothing and accessories in one place instead of several; they also allow you to better view the contents of your closet quickly and easily.

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