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5 Rules for Arranging Furniture

Tue, 26 Aug 2014 by Polycorp

One of the most exciting but difficult aspects of purchasing a new home is deciding on how to arrange your furniture. But with the right direction and guidance you can achieve a professional interior design look. Here are five suggestions for arranging furniture in your new home.

  1. Master Plan – Test your design out on paper before you begin moving furniture into your new home. Measure each room’s dimensions, while noting the location of the doors, electrical outlets and windows. Next, draw up the floor plan by using graph paper or a free online application room planner. This will hopefully save you much needed time and energy.
  2. Room’s Function – Decide on what you’re trying to use the room for and select furniture based off of that functionality. 
  3. Focal Point – A fireplace, television or stunning view can be the main focus of a room. Identify the focal point of the room and position your furniture accordingly. If you’re going to watch TV in the room, you’ll want to place your seating a distance measured diagonally about 1.5 to 2.5 times away from the TV.
  4. Order – All your furniture should never be placed up against the walls. An exception to this rule is for very small rooms only. The largest pieces of furniture, such as a bed in the bedroom or couch in the living room, should be put in a room first. Position chairs no more than eight feet apart to encourage conversation amongst family, neighbours and guests.
  5. Symmetry – Symmetrical arrangements work very well for formal rooms, like a dining room. On the other hand, great rooms or flex rooms that have a more casual feel are better suited for asymmetrical arrangements.

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