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Benefits of Green Building

Mon, 16 Apr 2012 by Polycorp

Polycorp, one of the premier home builders in Halifax, Nova Scotia, focuses on energy efficient technologies to help reduce the carbon footprint. Here are a few of the benefits that we incorporate into our projects:

Benefits of Green Building with the Ravenscraig community:

All seventy-six homes are built with ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) on the first two levels, which means that the walls are a foot thick and filled with concrete, providing an insulation value equivalent to an R50 normal wood and insulation wall.

Because of the infloor radiant heat, with heating pipes encased in concrete, the homes qualify for Time of Day metering with Nova Scotia Power.  Your heat will be on at night, stored in the floors, and off for most of the day.  As a result, you’ll be saving on energy costs and helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Ravenscraig homes include double-glazed vinyl windows with low E-glass, Argon Gas and UV protection for improved energy efficiency. The double-glazed vinyl windows help to improve insulation against heat transfer and prevent interior condensation. The low E-glass coating contributes to there being less solar gain and UV protection against fading fabrics and furnishings in your home. The argon gas fill is beneficial because it improves thermal performance without disrupting the view.

You’ll save water with the low consumption 6-liter toilets.

Our new condo project in Halifax, Q Lofts, will house 72 one and two bedroom condominium loft homes. Benefits of Green Building with Q Lofts will include: 

Q-Lofts will be the first large scale LEED For Homes project registered with the Canada Green Building Council in the Halifax area. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  Polycorp's goal is to make this new condo project the most energy efficient green residential building ever built in the Halifax area. Preliminary scoring under the LEED rating system indicates that the highest performance level - Platinum - should be achievable.

The building will feature Polycorp's trademark concrete ICF exterior walls and triple glazed windows to provide a very low heat loss building envelope. A large scale solar hot air heating system will be used to heat the building's fresh air intake air for the ventilation system. A state of the art heat pump system will operate like it’s turbocharged by being fed hot air from the solar wall collector, driving heat into the radiant floor heating system. Hot water will also be heated using the turbocharged heat pumps with free energy from the solar heat collectors.

Recycling of previously used energy will be the theme in the building.  Using an innovative design, outgoing air that is normally discharged to the building exterior at near room temperatures will be run through heat pumps to extract every last bit of heat possible to recycle heat energy. Similarly, energy that is normally lost to the municipal sewer system in warm water sewage will be recovered by a world class sewage heat recovery system. That's right…sewage heat recovery… outgoing sewage will be processed through heat exchangers and heat pumps to recycle and extract energy from the building's hot water heating system that normally just goes down the drain… sounds disgusting, but leading edge ideas from around the world in use by one of the leading home builders in Halifax, Nova Scotia .

Polycorp's goal in this exciting new downtown Halifax condominium project is to have heating, cooling and hot water production costs as close to zero as possible! … Stay tuned for details.

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