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Family friendly design tips

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 by Polycorp

As a parent, you can still have a stylish and comfy home. The key is to incorporate a decorating style you like that works with your active family lifestyle.  Continue reading to find family friendly design tips for your new home in Halifax by Polycorp.

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to cover your furniture in plastic like your grandparents used to do.  A room that looks ultra-beautiful could end up being a showpiece that never gets used.  So consider your lifestyle and the ages of your children before making your decorating choices.  Here are a few tips to help you along:

Choose materials in your new home in Halifax that are relatively indestructible.   The cheap furniture that you may be tempted to purchase as a temporary measure will most likely end up broken and in the landfill – not much of a bargain.  It makes more sense to select the best quality you can afford for your furnishings so that they will withstand lots of wear and tear, and maybe later they can be refurbished or reupholstered when your kids get to a more reasonable age.  Contemporary pieces with a slightly weathered look will show less wear and tear. 

Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance when selecting finishes.  Wipeable paint is a must.  Select paint with a semi-gloss finish which will wipe down with a damp cloth, or try one of the new washable flat paints.  You may even want to designate a wall that your kids can mark on – consider painting it with blackboard paint so they can draw and mark to their heart’s content.   Choose flooring that cleans up with a damp mop – tile, laminate or linoleum.  Carpet is difficult to keep up during the early years so if you do decide to use it, make sure it’s stain-resistant and that the colour is dark enough that it doesn’t show every mark.

Safety is big concern, so if you have young children, avoid couches and chairs with skirts that can become a tripping hazard.  Opt for rounded corners on your tables to prevent your kids from running into them and possibly injuring themselves.  Long drapes that extend onto the floor are an accident waiting to happen – think tripping, climbing or hide-and-seek!  A better choice would be wipeable blinds or Roman shades that can be rolled up during the day.  And try to keep decorative items at least three or four feet off the floor.  Otherwise kids will be tempted to reach for them and oops, something gets broken or someone gets hurt.

Make storage a design element to deal with the inevitable clutter that comes with kids.  Open shelves located right in the heart of your main living area can be made attractive with pretty baskets, or use a cedar chest as a coffee table where you can store toys or games after the kids have gone to bed.  If you create storage areas that are easy to access and at a kid-friendly height, it will be much easier for kids to put away their own things and easier for you to encourage them to do so. 

These design tips should give you a good start for making a family friendly new home in Halifax. Check back soon for to find information on our newest communities, Q Lofts and the active adult 55+ community, Daybreak at Herring Cove. 

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