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High Tech Kitchen Gadgets for your new home

Thu, 21 Jun 2012 by Polycorp

Whether you’re a foodie or eat because you have to, there are many high tech gadgets you can use in your Ravenscraig, Williams Lake NS Homes galley. Consider these four kitchen gadgets that may suit your culinary and family needs.

A digital nutritional kitchen scale weighs your food in grams or ounces and then, based on the code you enter to indicate what kind of food it is, it allows you to get the nutritional facts about your food.  It can tell you the protein, fat, calories, carbs, sodium and fiber contents of your food.  All you have to do is place your food on the scale and voila, you get nutrition facts based on your portion size.

A digital measuring cup and scale is a very handy gadget that comes with an LCD display.  Not only does it provide unit conversions of flour, sugar, milk, water and oil from weight to volume, it also says the measurements out loud. They come in various colors to go with your Williams Lake NS Homes kitchen décor.

Equip your kitchen with an iPad.  You can use a rack to house your iPad or mount it to your fridge for easy viewing. Get the latest apps with kitchen timers and recipes you love or want to try. You can also use your iPad to leave notes for the family instead of cluttering the fridge with paper, or even email recipes or your shopping list to yourself for when you’re on the go.

Kids love frozen treats, so why not try the Zoku Quick Pop Maker!  It only comes out when you’re ready to use it.  Other than that, you keep it in the freezer.  Your treats will freeze in less than 10 minutes without electricity – and you and the kids can get creative and make funky layered frozen treats with different kinds and colours of juice, yogurt or puddings. 

We hope these high tech kitchen gadgets will help you cook up some wonderful baked goods and dishes in your Williams Lake NS Homes kitchen. Bon appétit!


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