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Timeless design tips for your new home

Mon, 13 Aug 2012 by Polycorp

We all know that design trends come and go. Each year there’s something new that has designers to decorating aficionados buzzing. But you’re not always looking for a trend. Sometimes, you’d like a design that’ll last and be in style for a while. Check out these timeless design tips to consider when planning the décor of your future new homes in Wolfville NS from your leading new home builder, Polycorp.

It’s no secret that all reds, blues, purples, tans, yellows, greens and grays blend well together. In your living room, flex space, bedrooms or dining room, consider painting the walls one of these colors. Incorporate variations of that colour into your room and accessorize with items such as throw pillows and blankets, area rugs and curtains.

Stay away from themed rooms. They may work for a while but don’t necessarily fit for the everyday living situation. There are definitely ways to integrate elements of your desired theme (ocean, lighthouse, sports) without decorating the entire room that way.

When it comes to your kitchen, hide small appliances (toaster, can opener, etc.) behind your cabinetry for a timeless look. This allows for the focus to be on your beautifully designed kitchen and not the appliances. Traditional colors like beige, white and gray can work well for your new homes in Wolfville NS kitchen and can give it an ageless look.

Clean lines and classic finishes look good in the bathroom and are timeless.

Quartz has reemerged recently and proves to endure the test of time. Instead of putting granite in your kitchen or bathroom, opt for quartz.

Plastic furniture doesn’t fair as well over time. Elect for wood furniture instead. It ages well and can be spruced up with various accessories.                                             

Arrange your small photos on your table or mantle instead of hanging them on your walls. This can add spark to a table that could otherwise be boring. Feel free to coordinate the picture frames and swap out the photos from time to time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog on timeless design tips for your new home. Stay tuned to see what’s to come from Woodman's Grove, our new homes in Wolfville NS neighbourhood and the luxury rentals, Woodman’s Residences. 

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