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Fall Decor Tips and Ideas

Wed, 22 Aug 2012 by Polycorp

Fall is right around the corner and before you know it the leaves will be different colors and the air will be fresher and cooler. Just as you’ll swap out your summer clothes for fall threads, you can also change the décor in your home. Polycorp recommends these fall décor tips and ideas for your Ravenscraig, Halifax NS new homes

  1. Welcome your friends and family to your home with a spruced up porch. Hang up a fall wreath on your front door and add hay, corn stalks, pine cones, pumpkins and berries to complete the look.
  2. Create a pumpkin version of a snowman by piling up three pumpkins of different sizes. Make the smallest pumpkin the head and carve out or paint the pumpkin to create the face. Add sticks to make the arms, a hat and scarf for a cool pumpkin. Drill a hole through each of the pumpkins and put a long stick through them to secure the pumpkins together. This will look good on your porch or the back deck.
  3. Incorporate fall scents into your home. Fill up ceramic bowls, baskets or vases with cinnamon sticks or scented pine cones, nuts, oranges and pumpkins and put in different places of your home. Fall candles can set the mood, add warmth during the fall months and provide extra light in your Halifax NS new homes.
  4. Use gourds, beaded fruits and pumpkins as centerpieces on your coffee table, end tables or dining room table. They will also look good on your fireplace mantel.
  5. Display your kids and or grandkids fall themed artwork throughout your home. Hang up their arts and crafts projects on the walls or put them in picture frames.
  6. Plaid is the fabric of fall. Reupholster a chair or add a throw pillow or blanket with plaid to your couch.
  7. Your home wouldn’t be complete without firewood. For aesthetic purposes, display wood in a woven basket near your propane fire fireplace.

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