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Create Drama with Drapes

Fri, 31 Aug 2012 by Polycorp

Window treatments are a great way to enhance the look of any room while minimizing light and adding luxury, color and character to your home. The examples below can provide you with ideas for creating drama with your drapes at your new home in Halifax.

Match it up

To ensure everything ties in together, select curtains that match the color scheme of the predominant color of the room or accessories like lamp shades, rugs or cushions.

Dare to be bold

Select curtains with bold colors or patterns to make a dramatic statement.


Floor-to-ceiling drapes produce the illusion of higher ceilings and uplift your space.


Textured fabrics like lace, linen, satin, velvet or silk add elegance. 

Separate spaces

Drapes don’t have to be limited to your window treatments. Put drapes on a curtain rod to separate and frame your new home in Halifax great and dining rooms. This is a sure way to add mystique to what’s behind the curtain.

Theatrical look

While you’re at it, set the scene in your master bedroom or living room. Hang up drapes from floor-to-ceiling on the wall behind your headboard or couch to create a focal point and add drama. Make sure to choose a color that is coordinated with your headboard.


Your curtains can be enhanced with the perfect accessories. Consider adding curtain brackets, buttons, drapery holders and hooks for a lush look.

Hopefully these ideas will provide you with inspiration for creating drama with your drapes at your Ravenscraig at Fleming Park new home in Halifax. Stay tuned for what’s to come from Polycorp, your respected Halifax homebuilder. 

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