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Become a Pattern Pro

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 by Polycorp

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your home décor, think about throwing patterns into the mix. Check out these fashionable tips Polycorp suggests for becoming a pattern pro.

Your new homes in Halifax dining room offers the perfect place to mix and match things up. Consider decorating each chair with different upholstered patterns to create an adventurous look.

Determine what patterns you’ll use from the color palette of your room and the shapes of items in it. Draw inspiration from your drama-filled drapes, lamp shades, vases, paintings, throw blankets and throw pillows.

Don’t overload one area of the room. Be generous with your patterns and balance out the room with them to create harmony.

While becoming a pattern pro, mix and match small and large patterns together. Remember to select fabrics that share the same color hue. This will allow the patterns and colors to fuse well together and make your new homes in Halifax room look stunning.

Make sure you can tell your patterns apart. They should look different and shouldn’t compete with one another.

Add white to your color scheme to allow your patterns to pop out.

To add flavor to the room or décor, be diverse in the stripes, shapes and floral patterns you’ll use.

Have fun turning your Ravenscraig single-family new homes in Halifax into a patterned humble abode. If you have any questions contact a Polycorp representative today at 902-431-9911.

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