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Q Lofts what goes into the LEED for Homes Platinum rating?

Thu, 20 Sep 2012 by Polycorp

Polycorp is committed to green construction practices and sustainable development.  Q Lofts, Polycorp’s new condos in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is aiming for the LEED for Homes Platinum rating.  And what are we doing to achieve that rating? Here are just some of the energy saving features planned for Q:


-       exterior walls will be constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) which will provide a warm, durable and very airtight shell.

-       windows will be high-performance triple-glazed, which will provide high resistance to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

-       the roof deck will be insulated with closed-cell spray foam that provides a high-performance, airtight seal.


-       high performance air to water heat pumps installed in the rooftop mechanical room will be used to provide heating and cooling for the building, as well as domestic hot water.

-       a solar hot air heating system will heat fresh air by 10 to 15 degrees C as it is drawn into the building.  This heated air will then enter a high-efficiency energy recovery ventilator (ERV) which will transfer even more energy (heat) from stale exhaust air to the incoming air. 

-       hot water used in the showers and kitchen (greywater) will be collected and stored in two insulated tanks buried under the floor of the garage.

-       an integrated heat exchanger in the greywater tank will be used to extract heat from

the captured waste stream and recycle it back into to the heating system.

-        heating and cooling will be delivered to the building through a radiant floor distribution system.


-       rainwater will be collected from the building’s roof drains and stored in a buried water cistern located in the garage.

-       collected rainwater will be used in the dual flush toilets installed throughout the building,

which will reduce the reliance on expensive treated city water.

-       all fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchens will be super low-flow which will reduce the average daily consumption of the entire building.

-       each unit is equipped with front-loading Energy Star® washers and help to lower

the daily water demand.

-       landscape elements have been selected to remove the need for irrigation.

So if you’re looking for new condos in Halifax, Nova Scotia and energy-efficiency and green construction methods are important to you, take a look at Q Lofts by Polycorp.  

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