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Universal Design and Your New Home

Wed, 21 Nov 2012 by Polycorp

Universal Design creates an environment that benefits everybody regardless of lifestyle, abilities, circumstances or age.  It’s especially popular amongst older homeowners who want to stay in their homes well into their golden years. If you’re in the market to build or purchase a new home in Halifax, consider incorporating Universal Design.  Features of this unique design that are sure to benefit you as a homeowner over time include:

  1. No-step entry to gain access into your home that’ll ease access for bringing in groceries, wheelchairs and strollers
  2. Open hallways and doorways to maneuver better throughout the home
  3. A bedroom, full bathroom, living area and kitchen on the first level of the home - all accessible without having to use stairs
  4. Appliances such as front-loading washers and dryers, side-by-side refrigerators and pull-out dishwashers that aren’t hard to access and are easy-to-use
  5. Ovens and induction cooktops with front controls that don’t require you to reach over hot surfaces while they’re in use
  6. Adjustable-height countertops in your new home in Halifax kitchen to create a more comfortable cooking area
  7. Pull out faucets with an automatic shut off feature
  8. Windows that require little effort to open and close
  9. Easy to grasp cabinet knobs
  10. Roll-out drawers and shelves
  11. Rocker-style light switches and lever or pull door handles instead of doorknobs that don’t require you to grip or turn them to operate
  12. Non-slip bathroom tiles
  13. Grab bars in the bathroom by the toilet and in the tub and shower
  14. Smooth access into the tub or shower and ledge seating for bathtubs
  15. Electrical outlets mounted higher on the wall so you don’t have to bend down to plug and unplug cords

Contact a Polycorp representative today to learn more about our unique homes and how we will be incorporating some Universal Design features into your new home in Halifax at our upcoming community called Daybreak.

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