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Kitchen Recycling Solutions

Sun, 30 Dec 2012 by Polycorp

Making recycling part of your daily routine is a small gesture that goes a long way toward giving back to the environment.  Recycling converts waste into reusable material and reduces what goes into the landfill.  Consider these kitchen recycling solutions for your homes in Halifax NS to help make recycling easier. 

Compartmentalized Recycling Bins

Compartment recycling bins are a convenient and handy way to sort your garbage and recyclables.  Many kitchens are designed now with a three-bin solution in a lazy-susan configuration in a corner cabinet, or you can purchase a step-on recycle bin with foot pedals and two or three compartments.  The plastic bins are removable, making emptying easier.  Recycling will be less of a chore when you’re set up for it, which makes it more likely that you’ll actually do it!

Folding recycling bags

These make recycling easy. They come in bright colors with a graphic on the front of each – one for paper, cans, plastic, glass and so on. They’re a convenient way to separate the different types of recyclable products, which makes it easy when garbage day rolls around. You can place the bags in different areas throughout your homes in Halifax NS to encourage everyone in the family to recycle, including little ones who will find these easy to use.  Start them young and they will develop good habits for life!

Composting bucket or bin

Keeping biodegradables out of the landfill is an important component of any recycling program.  A compositing bucket or bin is a great way to handle kitchen food waste. You can purchase a composting bin or just use a bucket you have around the house.  A newspaper or cardboard liner (companies custom make these to fit the bins) make it easier to empty the bin, and keep it more sanitary.  Egg shells, coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, filters, grains, cooking oil, paper towels, table scraps including meat, fish and bones, and fruit and vegetable peelings can all go into the compost bin.  It should be emptied every day to minimize odours.  If you’re lucky, your municipality will pick up compostables and take them to a facility where, over time, they develop into a dark earthy soil-like substance called compost.  If you plan to do your own backyard composting, make sure you do your research and have the right container so you don’t attract nuisance critters!  Compost is a wonderful way to nourish your garden, lawn or household plants.

There is nothing more fulfilling than reducing your carbon footprint.  Use these three kitchen recycling solutions in your homes in Halifax NS kitchen to give back to Nova Scotia and better your community and the environment for generations to come.  For more detailed information on all things compost and recyclable, check out HRM's recycling program website.

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