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2013 Color Trends

Wed, 09 Jan 2013 by Polycorp

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more color into your condo design, consider the 2013 color trends to decide what will look good in your new condo in Halifax NS.

Pastel Colors

From fashion and hair to walls and décor, everywhere you turn you’ll find pastel colors. Though synonymous with Easter or kids, sidewalks and chalk, homeowners have taking a liking to these colors. They can create a vivacious or peaceful atmosphere in your new condo in Halifax NS depending on the look you’re going for. Pastels go well with other pastels and also with earth tones. Top pastel colors in 2013 include pale blue, lime green and violet.


Gray is making an encore appearance this year as a popular color choice. Gray can create an elegant look down to an edgy one. And just like black and white, gray goes with everything. It’s great in furniture, artwork, accessories, window treatments and walls. Pair the color gray with orange, blue, magenta or lemon to create your desired design.

Mix it up

Some people think putting various colors together is a bad idea. But when done properly, the right color schemes can create an eclectic mixture of colors that coalesce well together in your new condo in Halifax NS. For example, pumpkin colored walls, a white sofa, mahogany coffee table, red-orange area rug, blue art work and green plants may be mistaken for a room designed by an interior decorator. For the best results, use a color pallet to see which colors are ideal for your condo.


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