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Cheers to a Fabulous Wine Tasting Party

Wed, 13 Mar 2013 by Polycorp

Once you’ve moved into the chic Q Lofts development, you’ll been looking for the right opportunity to have a get together at your new condo in Halifax NS.  And with the rooftop community space providing the perfect backdrop for entertaining friends, why not plan to host a wine tasting party? Read below to find out how.

How many to invite?

A group of six is comfortable and intimate enough for the rooftop space to start with.

Who to invite?

Invite anyone from wine lovers to amateurs.

What to serve and how many wines?

Six wines are a great number to whet your palate. Wine aficionados may like to sample wines from a specific region whereas less experienced wine drinkers may like an assortment of red and white wines. Ask your guests to contribute the wine – for example suggest three reds, two whites and a sparkling wine.  


Go with one glass for each wine tasted or have a glass for each of the three types of wine (whites, reds and prosecco). Keep extra glassware on the rooftop so you don’t have to run back inside your Halifax NS new condo if you need more.

Where to start?

Begin with the light wines and work your way up to the reds. Remember the proper way to taste your wine is to see, swirl, smell and sip. Make sure you wait about five minutes between wines to thoroughly enjoy each one.


Go online to find ways to score wine.  For added fun, offer a prize to the guest who brings the most popular wine.


Never drink wine on an empty stomach. Serve your guests small plates to pair with each wine to help absorb the alcohol. Great appetizers include cheese, nuts, bread, mini-sliders and chocolate covered strawberries. Hard cheeses and red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz) complement each other while white wines (Riesling and Gewurztraminer) and soft cheeses work well together. Keep plenty of water available for your guests so they don’t become dehydrated.


Music is great for enhancing the wine tasting experience. Set the scene with smooth or mellow tunes, like jazz or classical.

Now that you’ve gotten the scoop, it’s time to start planning a fabulous wine tasting party on the rooftop of your new condo in Halifax NS!


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