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Q Lofts Roof Top Gardening Doís and Doníts

Fri, 22 Mar 2013 by Polycorp

Nothing says urban condo living more than a roof top garden. They’ve become quite popular and have great energy and environmental rewards. They’re especially perfect for homeowners who do not have a backyard or easy access to a garden. But before you starting planting atop your urban new condos in Halifax NS rooftop or balcony, consider these helpful tips on what you should and shouldn’t do in order to have a successful roof top garden.

Consider the do’s of roof top gardening:

Plant in containers because they’re easier to manage while you’re sharing the roof top space

Use lightweight potted soil mixes because they’re better for container planting

Use compost to help your plants grow

Water and fertilize your plants to keep them healthy

Put the containers on a saucer for proper drainage and to keep the deck from becoming wet or muddy

Ask your neighbours what they are planting so your roof top can have a variety of plants

Bring containers in during rain or snow storms

Add windbreakers into the plant design since it’ll be windy up there

Place plants where they’ll get the amount of sun they need

Purchase containers with wheels to easily transport them

Consider plants that are perennial and don’t need to be replanted yearly

Tend to your garden and remove weeds

Add herbs, flowers and plants that are colorful

Blue star juniper, lavender, Ajuga, tomatoes, spinach, basil, parsley, cilantro and rosemary are perfect for roof top gardening because they can withstand the elements and thrive in outdoor environments


Here’s the scoop on what not to do with your new condos in Halifax NS roof top gardening:


Don’t just use garden soil to pot your plants because it won’t work in the containers

Don’t use heavy containers or add a lot of weight to your roof top with the wrong soil or plants

Don’t leave your plants out in the cold or bad weather without using a tarp to protect them

Stay away from placing plants in high wind zones

Avoid over fertilizing your plants because it’s bad for them and the environment

Don’t place containers in the seating areas

Don’t block walking paths

Don’t purchase plants and flowers meant for inside only

Don’t allow your garden to overgrow

Don’t allow the roof top and drains to get filled with dirt and debris

Q Lofts is an environmentally-friendly Halifax NS new condos community and looks forward to seeing the roof top garden sanctuary its homeowners will create.  Stay abreast of developments at Polycorp by checking out our Facebook page. 

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