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The Benefits of Purchasing an ICF Insulating Concrete Forms Built Home

Fri, 29 Mar 2013 by Polycorp

From location to floor plans, there’s so much to consider when purchasing a home.  Throw in a choice between a concrete home and a wood-frame one, and you have a lot more thinking to do.  If you’re not familiar with what exactly Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) are, in laymen’s terms it means the walls in your home are roughly a foot thick, and consist of approximately six inches of concrete and over five inches of insulation.  All of the homes at Ravenscraig are built using this energy-saving construction.   Here are eight benefits of choosing an ICF built new homes in Halifax NS.

Energy savings – because of the high insulating properties of ICF, it takes less energy to cool or heat an ICF home which makes going with this option a sure way to cut back on your heating and cooling costs.

Noise cancellation – you’ll find it quieter living behind a great mass of concrete walls as opposed to a wood-frame home.

Fire resistant - unlike wood that feeds fire, the plastic foams used in ICFs won't add fuel to a fire.  They’re actually treated with flame retardant chemicals to stop them from burning.  In addition, ICF walls are able to withstand heat longer than wood-frame walls.

Rodent safe - insects and rodents don’t find concrete appetizing.  You won’t have to worry about them penetrating through or residing in your new homes in Halifax NS walls.  On the other hand, wood is extremely vulnerable to pest infestation.

Weather protected - ICF homes can withstand various inclement weather conditions including high winds and severe storms.

Eco-friendly - save the trees by selecting an ICF home.  By living in a concrete versus a wood-frame home, you’ll help protect the planet by saving trees.  Polystyrene foam is nontoxic and free of asbestos, fiberglass and formaldehyde resulting in improved air quality.

Maintenance and repair - the materials used in ICF building protect your home from deteriorating.  You’ll be saving money by eliminating repairs to your home from weather or termites. The reinforced steel also won’t rust or corrode because it’s buried and protected by concrete.

Approval - code agencies in both the US and Canada have approved the usage of building with ICF materials.

Polycorp is pleased to announce we are a 2012 winner of an ICF award for Best Development in 2012 for Ravenscraig, our beautiful single-family development in the Williams Lake area.  This is a prestigious award given annualy to the best of the best of ICF hombuilders.  There were over 50 submissions and Polycorp is extremely honored to be one of the ICF homebuilders chosen.  The ICF Builder Awards were held in Las Vegas and President Peter Polley and Construction Manager Randy Pike were present to receive the award on behalf of Polycorp, the new homes in Halifax NS homebuilder.

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