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Halifax Cycling Safety Tips

Fri, 24 May 2013 by Polycorp

Head injuries account for the majority of serious injuries for bicyclists.  The law has required Nova Scotians to wear a helmet when cycling since 1997.  In addition to wearing a helmet to protect yourself when cycling, here six safety tips to help keep you safe as you cycle around Polycorp’s new condos in Halifax NS.

  1. Safety First – Double check your equipment before setting out on your bike ride.  Tires should be inflated and brakes should be in good working condition.  Also, be careful when riding in rain because rain affects a bicycle’s braking ability.  Get a rear view mirror – it’s a great way to see what’s coming from behind.  And make sure you have a bell.
  2. Stay in your Lane – Always ride with the flow of traffic (never against) and in single file if you’re in a group.  Use bike trails or routes if they’re available.  If not, cycle as far to the right as is practical, or on the shoulder of the road.  Don’t ride on the sidewalk – sidewalks are for pedestrians and are not a safe haven for bicyclists.  Don’t weave in and out of traffic either and be extra cautious when approaching intersections.
  3. Channel your Senses – Be aware of your surroundings.  Skim the road with your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.  Don’t wear headphones because they can impair your hearing.  Watch out for parked or idle cars.  Doors can open suddenly and hit you.  We suggest staying at least 4 feet away from parked cars and be prepared to take evasive action around town or in your Halifax NS new condos parking lot.
  4. Be Seen – Visibility is so important when out on your bike.  Assume you’re invisible even though you can see everyone else.  Communicate with eye contact and hand signals to make your intentions known.  Wear bright and bold colors and reflective wear at night to be seen.  Ride with a flashing headlamp in the front and a bright rear reflector when cycling at night.  Large trucks take up the full width of the road and have HUGE blind spots, so stay well behind and only pass when you have a full lane.
  5. It’s the Law – As a cyclist, you have all the rights and responsibilities of a motorist.  Use hand signals to motion your movement and obey all traffic signals, signs and street markings.  Don’t forget to stop at all red light sand stop signs.
  6. Expect the Unexpected – Carry a cell phone for emergencies and anticipate the unexpected.

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