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Q Lofts Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

Thu, 30 May 2013 by Polycorp

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to give your new condos in Halifax NS kitchen a break and head outside to cook. But before you fire up the grill, read below for our outdoor grilling safety tips.

  1. Clean the grill before turning it on.  This way you don’t get unwanted seasonings on your food from the last grilling session.
  2. Grease the grates and preheat the grill to avoid food sticking on it.
  3. Keep lighted cigarettes, matches and open flames away from the grill.
  4. Wear form fitting clothes when grilling because loose fitting clothing can catch on fire easily.
  5. Flare-ups are very common when grilling.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy and opt for baking soda, a bucket of sand or a fire extinguisher to control a grease fire instead of water.
  6. Don’t barbecue if there are high winds on the deck of your new condos in Halifax NS.  Barbecue high winds can make flames from the grill spread.
  7. Establish a perimeter around the grill to keep children and pets out of harm’s way.
  8. Keep your food cool and refrigerated until you are ready to put it on the grill.
  9. Have everything you need on the patio, from food to utensils, so you don’t leave your grill unattended.
  10. Avoid cross contamination by designating specific plates for your cooked and raw foods.
  11. Wash your hands prior to and after you’ve touched the food.
  12. Cook your food thoroughly to kill off bacteria. You may want to use a grilling thermometer to check the internal temperature of the food. (Hamburgers should be cooked to 160° F, chicken to 165° F, medium-rare steaks 135°F and medium steaks to 140° F.)
  13. Clean the outdoor patio and grill once you’re finished cooking.

We hope these safety grilling tips will allow you to have fun entertaining on the rooftop of your new condos in Halifax NS. Bon appetite to a summer filled with all the hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, seafood, shish kabobs and grilled veggies you can eat!  To request more information about Q Lofts, Polycorp’s Halifax NS new condos, visit our Request Information page.

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