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How to Organize Your Summer Vacation Photos and Memorabilia

Sat, 29 Jun 2013 by Polycorp

From Canada Day to family vacations, festivals and concert series around town and barbecues on your Halifax NS new condo rooftop, there are many precious moments waiting to be captured this summer. But what do you with the photos you’ve taken?

It’s always a good idea to upload your photos to your computer immediately rather than waiting until your memory card is full. The beautiful thing about the digital age is you can take as many pictures as you want – but as you know, not all of the photos you take are the greatest!  So while you’re uploading photos to the computer, delete the ones that aren’t worth keeping so you’re not cluttering up your computer’s hard drive.  Make sure you back up your computer to a backup device (i.e. a USB or hard drive) or you run the risk of losing all of your photos if your computer’s hard drive has a meltdown. 

If uploading photos at home isn’t an option, you can go to a drugstore or photo store and get a photo CD made as a backup for your photos.  You can also get your photos printed – not done too often any more, but printing and displaying the best of the best in your home or at work is still a great way to enjoy your photos again and again.    

Your coffee table, end table, nightstand, mantle or bookshelf in your new condo in Halifax NS is the perfect place to exhibit some of your favorite photos and memorabilia.  Another creative way to display your photos is by scrapbooking. Not only can you showcase your photos, but you can also include other items from a memorable occasion such as a trip by including sayings, ticket stubs, maps and other memorabilia. If you don’t want to spend the time creating a scrapbook, think about a photo album or uploading your photos to a photo sharing site. Get artistic with printing your photos on t-shirts, book covers or even pottery pieces.  Or take your pictures everywhere you go with a digital photo key chain.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a safe place to store your photo prints or souvenirs collected over the summer, use a photo storage box, plastic shoe box or something comparable. These are safe archival solutions and most are waterproof.  To ensure they don’t get ruined, store them away from sources of heat, moisture or other potentially damaging elements in your new condo in Halifax NS.

By organizing your photos and memorabilia soon after an event or vacation, you’ll be able to treasure and reminisce about your summer for years to come. 

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