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Live Green at your Q Lofts Condo

Mon, 30 Sep 2013 by Polycorp

Going green is an easy process when you take the necessary steps to do so. Help reduce your carbon footprint by following these tips.

Q Lofts condos are located in a vibrant, invigorating and walkable community. A benefit to living here is that you can walk, bike, car share or use public transportation to get around town. Not only will this help improve your health but it’ll also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, making for a better environment. As you venture around Halifax, support the local merchants.  Buying locally will stimulate the economy and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions since the products aren’t shipped from far away.

All fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen are low-flow. Reduce your water consumption some more by turning the faucet off between brushes and taking shorter showers. Your condo also comes with Energy Star® Qualified bathroom ceiling exhaust fans. They’re less noisy and will provide better efficiency since Energy Star® fans use less energy than their standard counterparts. Your dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machine are Energy Star® Qualified as well. The Energy Star® Qualified label means no electricity or water is wasted through the use of ineffective devices. Since it’ll take more energy to heat up the water in your washing machine, Polycorp suggests washing your clothes with cold water instead of warm.  Although it can be hard to do in a condo, think about giving your dryer a break by using a drying rack where possible.

Most small appliances that are turned off are still constantly using a small amount of power.  To save energy, unplug your small appliances when you’re not using them. Or plug them into surge protector power strips that have an off/on button and turn them off when no one's home or when they aren't necessary.

Remember that throwing televisions, computers and cell phones into the garbage is no longer acceptable in most municipalities; recycling centre locations are listed online. Opt for natural and eco-friendly cleaning products instead of harmful and toxic ones. Purchase these or you can even make your own with common household items such as baking soda, cornstarch, vinegar and water.

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to stop there. Choose eco-friendly accessories, furniture and décor to outfit your condo. There are various options to choose from including sustainable materials such as cypress, bamboo and solid cork; buying reused or repurposed furniture is another environmentally friendly choice. Cloth napkins are more eco-friendly than paper napkins, as are cloth towels instead of paper towels. Polycorp selects compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs for all of our lighting because they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs.  Why not do the same in your lamps?

Q will be one of the most energy-efficient large-scale condo buildings in North America.  By going green at home and beyond you can help reduce your carbon footprint even further.  

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