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Fall Maintenance Tips for your Halifax NS Home

Wed, 30 Oct 2013 by Polycorp

Polycorp built your Ravenscraig, Halifax NS home using quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.  It’ll take routine maintenance to keep your home looking great and protect it from the various weather conditions we see here in Halifax.  Here’s a maintenance checklist to prepare your home for winter.

  1. Cover or store all patio furniture for the season since the weather is changing and winter weather can be hard on things left exposed to the elements.
  2. Rake up any leaves and remember to water and mow your lawn for the majority of the fall.  In late October or early November, fertilize the grass so it can receive proper nutrients and stay healthy during the winter months.  As winter arrives drain the gas from the lawn mower and store for the season.
  3. Trim back shrubs, tree limbs and branches so they aren’t close to your home.
  4. Climb up to the roof to inspect it for loose or broken shingles.
  5. While you’re up there, clean any debris from your gutters and downspouts to avoid damage to your home’s foundation, and pests or insects invading your home. 
  6. Clean your garden tools and drain your garden hose before storing inside.
  7. Organize and prepare your snow gear so it’s ready prepped and ready to use.
  8. Test your smoke detectors and CO2 monitors to make sure they are working properly and change the batteries as needed.  Do this twice a year, at the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time.   Also, when the time changes, adjust the time on your Time-of-Day thermostats.
  9. Clean your HRV and your exterior dryer vent.
  10. Check the HRV to make sure there’s adequate humidity now that the heat is on.
  11. Clean the glass in your gas fireplace so the fire burns clean and bright, make sure it’s functioning properly and ensure your propane tanks are full.
  12. Dust and change the direction of your ceiling fans. This will redistribute warmer air from the ceiling and create an upward draft.
  13. You may need to put a dehumidifier in the garage as melting snow from your vehicle evaporates.  Road slush, which contains road salt, should not be allowed to melt on the concrete. 
  14. Scrub your tile floors, wax your wood floors and professionally get your carpets cleaned.
  15. If you are planning an extended absence, set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees C and have someone check the house periodically to make sure the heat is on and no pipes have frozen.
  16. Examine your doors and windows for drafts, damaged window screens, air leaks and broken glass.  You may wish to remove screens to allow more light into your home. Caulking or installing new weather stripping can enhance the seal, lower your heating bill and keep unwanted insects and pests out.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful autumn season. As you sit back and enjoy cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows, remember that conducting seasonal and routine maintenance will ensure you and your family will live comfortably in your home in Halifax NS for years to come.

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