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Vegetarian Lifestyle

Mon, 04 Nov 2013 by Polycorp

Years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a vegetarian option on any menu in HRM; now there is a wealth of healthy vegetarian food choices right at your fingertips.  The Halifax Association of Vegetarians “is dedicated to promoting a vegetarian lifestyle and uniting vegetarians and those interested in vegetarianism in the Halifax area and throughout the Maritime Provinces”.  This non-profit educational and social organization has made a list of their recommended restaurants and shops in the area, so check out their website for more information: www.halifaxvegetarians.ca.

So, what is a vegetarian? It is essentially someone who does not consume meat, fish, fowl or the flesh from any animal. Some vegetarians will consume dairy and eggs (lacto-ovo vegetarians) in their diet, while some go further and exclude dairy, eggs and honey (vegans).  There are a number of reasons why people will choose this lifestyle – ethics, religion, culture, health, etc. 

As the owner of a Halifax NS condo at Q Lofts, you have an amazing array of dining choices within walking distance just waiting to be explored!  Stroll along Agricola St and you will come upon enVie – A Vegan Kitchen on the corner Agricola and Charles St that has menu choices even a meat eater will love.  Ethnic foods like Greek, Mediterranean, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisines all offer incredible vegetarian and vegan options.  If you prefer to eat in, take a quick trip to the organic section of your favourite grocery store or visit the Seaport Farmer’s Market to stock up on all your favourite produce and treats.  The Local Source Market is a great spot to buy local goods and it’s in the neighbourhood, just a short walk from your new Halifax NS condo.  Check online for an incredible selection of recipes and ideas to assist you in your menu planning.

A vegetarian lifestyle may not be for everyone, but choosing to eat less meat in your diet is now easier than ever.  Take advantage of the great Agricola St neighbourhood and the food choices it offers to expand your dining experience!


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