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Set the Perfect Holiday Table at your New Home in Halifax

Tue, 26 Nov 2013 by Polycorp

It’s all about presentation when it comes to food. And presentation isn’t limited to the food served or how it’s plated. Complement your menu with a lavish table spread your guests can gather around to celebrate the holidays at your Ravenscraig, Halifax NS new home.

Comfort is an important feature to the overall dining experience. Therefore, it’s essential you don’t overcrowd the table. Plan out where your food, cutlery, glasses and dishes will live. Your guests should also be able to dine without knocking over a glass, vying for elbowroom or having someone get in their comfort zone. Select a centerpiece for the center of the table that’s at a height your guests won’t have to navigate around to enjoy each other’s company. Decorative ornaments in a glass bowl, fresh flowers in a vase or candles on a cake stand can make for great centerpieces.

The holidays provide inspiration for choosing a wonderful color scheme for your new home. Select colors that represent both your taste and personality. Teal, fuchsia or stripes are bold choices that’ll really make your table décor pop.

Layering is an essential decorating element. Add depth to your table décor by mixing-and-matching glasses and plates that complement each other. You could also lay a table runner over your tablecloth and add placemats to it. Skip the tablecloth and go with the table runner if your goal is to showcase your beautiful table. Are you inviting kids to the dinner party? Cover the kiddie table with a large sheet of paper, similar to what’s found in Italian restaurants. You’re pint-sized guests will be entertained drawing or playing tic-tac-toe with the crayons you’ve provided them.

Remember it’s all in the details. Personal touches can be added to your table to really make it stand out. Who doesn’t love eye-catching folded napkins or decorative napkin rings around cloth napkins? Add an elegant component to your champagne or wine glasses with nametags. Or, take a more creative approach by placing a piece of cut cardstock with each guest’s name labeled on it into a slit champagne cork that’s rested atop a shot glass. Then turn around and enjoy a delicious after dinner drink in the shot glass.

With the fundamentals of setting your table covered, decide on how you’ll set your table for holidays. Bon appétit as you enjoy a wonderful holiday gathering with the ones you love at your new home in Halifax NS

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