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A Guide to Turing Your Halifax Master Closet into a Dream Closet

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 by Polycorp

Walk-in closets are becoming a must-have in master suites.  Not only are they more spacious and easier to organize, but they can also serve as a dressing room.  And who wouldn’t like a dressing room in the confines of their own home?  Your Ravenscraig, Halifax NS new home comes with a large walk-in closet with endless possibilities for designing this space. Create the perfect walk-in closet of your dreams by following these steps:

  1. Storage Solutions – There is a plethora of storage options available to meet your storage needs. Open wall shelving can be dedicated to make your shoe collection easily accessible while hanging rod compartments can be incorporated into the design to hang slacks, blouses, dress shirts and formal wear.  A center island can provide additional storage for smaller items like jewelry, socks, undergarments, belts and scarves.  Add an air of sophistication to the island with a quartz finish that’ll also match the countertops in your master bathroom.
  2. Too Hot? – How many times have you been in a dressing room trying on clothes when you break  out in a sweat?  Probably too many times, right?  A frees standing fan or ceiling fan will help keep you cool when trying on clothes.
  3. Light It Up – Seeing your wardrobe and what you’re trying on is definitely important.  So don’t make lighting a neglected element of your walk-in closet.  Include lighting to illuminate certain areas of your closet as well as overhead lighting for when you’re dressing.  Track lighting or recessed lighting is perfect for focusing in on certain areas; you can add an elegant charm to your walk-in closet with a fancy lighting fixture like a chandelier.  
  4. Take a Seat – Trying on clothes can get tiring.  So whether you need a comfortable place to rest or put on socks, incorporate a built-in bench into your master closet design.  Or opt for a chair that’s mobile or perhaps a round ottoman.  The ottoman could have a storage compartment to store laundry, blankets, linens or towels.
  5. Mirror-Mirror – No closet is complete without a full-length mirror.  You’ve got to see what you look like in the clothes you’re trying on!  A freestanding, full-length mirror can work or take it up a notch with a wall mirror.
  6. Dramatic Flair – Go as bold, elegant or subtle as you’d like in this space.  After all, it’s yours!  A bright color can really make your new home in Halifax NS pop while wall paper can add dramatic flair.  Don’t forget to include decorative hooks for ties and hanging jewelry. 

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