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Rental Community vs New Home Community

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 by Polycorp

There has been much debate on whether or not it’s better to rent or buy. Here are various pros and cons of living in a rental community versus a new homes in Halifax, Nova Scotia community.

If you aren’t ready to make a commitment to homeownership then living in a rental community is the right move because it gives you more flexibility. You’re able to move after your lease is up. Luxury apartments can give you that home feeling without being tied down with a mortgage and having the responsibilities of home ownership.

Moving into new homes in Halifax, Nova Scotia community allows you to invest in your future and gives you pride in your investment. Your payment goes to paying off your mortgage compared to a rent check which just pays for the monthly rent. You may enjoy making lasting friendships with your neighbors and feel a sense of security with them because they’re not moving on a constant basis. Not only are you making a financial investment but, if you have children, you’re also investing in their future by establishing them in a permanent setting and a stable school district.

Living in a new community gives you reassurance that your home is your home. You don’t have to worry about your landlord kicking your out or rent increasing.

While living in a rental community you may not be able to customize or add many personal touches the way you would to your own homes in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There may also be restrictions in a rental community that you may not necessarily find in a new home community.

As a prospective homeowner or renter, you’ll have to decide what’s best for you and your family. Contact Polycorp to discuss your various needs. 

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