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Don't Live Without Radiant Heat Flooring Anymore

Thu, 23 Jan 2014 by Polycorp

There’s nothing worse than putting bare feet on a cold floor. Now you can leave cold floors behind and step into comfort at 15 Dronachy Lane. This model home for sale in Ravenscraig includes in-floor radiant heat that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without this soothing feature. Here are six reasons why:

- Radiant heat flooring is a very energy efficient way to heat your home. In our model home there are 6 heating zones which give you the flexibility to heat different spaces according to how you use them. Because the home has Electric Thermal Storage, which allows for heat to be stored in the floors until it’s needed, it qualifies for NS Power Time-of-Use metering and maximum energy savings.

- In-floor radiant heat isn’t too hot one minute and too cold the next.  Instead it’s gradual, even heat that is warm, cozy and comfortable compared to electric baseboard heat or forced air.

 - You’ll have an abundance of home décor design and furniture placement options without having to decorate around baseboards or vents.
- The absence of baseboard heaters or radiators creates a safer environment for the family and pets.
- In-floor radiant heat is ideal for allergy sufferers because dust particles and other allergens aren’t blown throughout the home as they are with forced air systems.

 - Unlike a house fan or a forced air system, in-floor radiant heat is virtually silent and produces the perfect atmosphere for entertaining, sleeping or working. Enjoy your new home without the interference of unnecessary noise.

As you can see there are many advantages to having in-floor radiant heat. For $689,900 you can enjoy this wonderful feature during the colder months here in Halifax.  Contact Sandy Rutledge at 497-5500 for further inquiries or a private showing of this Ravenscraig home for sale.

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