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Healthy Winter Fun

Mon, 27 Jan 2014 by Polycorp

Now that the Christmas season has passed, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing.  Exercise programs always figure prominently in the good intentions category but for some reason they’re one of the first items to get dropped!  It doesn’t need to be that way, nor does getting fit need to be expensive in order to realize your goals.

Halifax is a great city for people at any age to maintain health and fitness promises. We have access to healthy food choices in our markets and restaurants; there are great trails and parks for running, walking, or biking and any number of fitness clubs to join that range in choice from Pilates to weight-lifting.  If you live in a new condo in Halifax, maybe it has a fitness centre.  Or you can try a gym membership so that you get access to all the equipment and classes that these facilities have to offer, and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people.  But for those who prefer to work-out solo or don’t have a lot of funds, there are some freebies that can help you stay fit.

Take the Citadel for example. Not only is it a famous historic site, but it can be an incredible workout site as well and only a short walk from your new condo at Q Lofts.  Try sprinting up one of the roads to the top; do a set of 5-10 pushups while there and then walk back down. Do this for 5 sets and your heart will definitely feel it.  Don’t forget the stairs; run, walk, jump or lunge your way to a great cardio work-out. Come back down to Brunswick St and complete several sets of wall squats to help round out your routine and slow your heart rate down.

For runners or walkers, the peninsula offers a little bit of everything to keep boredom at bay – straight routes are numerous, gradual hills like Devonshire St. offer a slow steady burn, while the not so gradual hill (like the one from the waterfront to Brunswick St.) is great for strength and endurance.  For something with a little more structure, running clubs abound and a quick look on the web can get you hooked up fairly quickly. If you don’t like to run or walk on concrete then Point Pleasant Park with all of its natural pathways is a great alternative to pounding the pavement.  If snow and ice has you house-bound, not a problem - the oval is free and an hour on skates is sure to keep you warm and your exercise goals intact. Check out the public skate schedules at the Metro Centre (www.halifaxmetrocentre.com) or the Halifax Forum (www.halifaxforum.ca/publicskates) if you prefer to skate inside; the fee is nominal or free.  Skipping ropes and hula hoops are inexpensive and they offer something a little different for you to use at home when you don’t have a whole lot of time.  At least 10 min daily can make a difference, and 20 minutes a day is recommended by Health Canada.  Regardless what your choices may be, make sure that you seek a physician’s advice before starting out to make sure that you are healthy and ready to go.  The key is to get exercise, not an injury!

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