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List Your Home This Spring

Tue, 11 Mar 2014 by Polycorp

Spring is in the air – which means things will turn green, the weather will warm up and flowers and trees will start to bloom. Spring, which is quickly approaching, signals the perfect time to put your house on the market. As your favorite new home builder in Halifax NS, here are our reasons why you should list your home this spring.

People tend to have the blues during winter and don’t feel compelled to leave the confines of their own home. Realistically, who feels excited to look for a new home with snow on the ground, when it’s too cold, dark and gloomy outside to believe that long sunny days will soon be a reality? Not to mention that winter conditions aren’t the best for house hunting let alone moving.

But when spring time rolls around, people awaken from their cocoon and want to get up and go.  And homebuyers are ready to start looking for a new place to live. This renewed interest will result in more people coming to look at your home which of course will produce a greater chance for it to be sold.

Spring time is also a blossoming season that creates an appealing and colorful environment to showcase your home. The beautiful sun shining, green grass and leaves on the trees will help give your home awesome curb appeal, a feature many buyers look for in a home. Better weather makes it easier to fix or replace things instead of having to do it when it’s too cold outside.

Placing your house on the market in spring allows buyers to adjust to a new neighbourhood over the summer.  Parents have the ability to enroll their kids into a new school district. Families will have time to get settled and children will have time to make friends in the neighborhood before school begins.

Listing your home also implies you’re in the market to purchase a new home. Consider the Ravenscraig neighborhood built by your reputable Halifax NS new home builder. One home remains for sale in this flagship community and we’ve even lowered the price for you to $659,900. Give Sandy Rutledge of Domus Realty a call at 497-5500 for a private showing of this beautiful single-family home.

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