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Simple Tips for Keeping your Halifax Home Office Organized

Wed, 19 Mar 2014 by Polycorp

Whether you have to work from home on a daily basis or simply desire a designated work space, organization is vital for remaining focused and getting work done. We’ve put together a list of tips to help keep your home office organized.

  1. Set up the office in a place that’ll stimulate productivity. The last home available in the newly constructed Halifax flagship community of Ravenscraig has two flex spaces in the floor plan perfect for integrating an office.
  2. Define your office space as an office. Place non office items out of the room so you’re not easily distracted by things that shouldn’t be in there in the first place.
  3. Grouping your office into specific areas can really help. Items are also easier to find because your work area, stationary, note pads, essential documents, envelopes and reference materials all belong in a defined place.
  4. Storage units like bookcases, floating wall shelves, desk organizers, baskets, file folders and other storage units can help keep you organized.
  5. Outfit your office with comfortable furniture and adequate lighting. Also think about incorporating multifunctional furniture pieces like an ottoman. This can serve as additional storage and seating for your office.
  6. Develop a filing system that works for you. Just because it can be placed somewhere doesn’t mean it should go there. File or put away what’s needed and get rid of the rest to help eliminate clutter
  7. Items on your desk space should be kept to a bare minimum. You won’t be able to work well with a phone, laptop, pictures, printer, scanner, books and a slew of other things out all on your desk.
  8. Set time aside daily to straighten up after you’ve worked in the office to preserve an organized, healthy, creative work environment.

The beautiful thing about moving is that it allows you to start fresh. Though maintaining order in your new home office takes work, incorporating these tips will help you be well on your way to having an organized home office. Give us a call at 902-431-9911 if you’d like to know more about 15 Dronachy Lane or any of the Halifax new construction we’ve got going on in the area.

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