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Top 10 Things to Remember When Moving to Halifax

Tue, 25 Mar 2014 by Polycorp

Moving is fun but it can also be overwhelming. The key to remaining on track is organization. Use these tips as a guide to successfully move from your old home to the Halifax homes for sale you’ve recently purchased.

  1. About a month prior to moving clear items out of the attic, basement, closet or storage units. Have a garage sale or donate items you no longer want or need. This is also an ideal time to use up or get rid anything you can’t take with you, like cleaning supplies and perishable food items.
  2. Inform important persons and companies of your impending move since they should know where to reach you.
  3. Arrange times to have the cable, phone, Internet, electricity, trash and water set up and disconnected at least three weeks before your scheduled move. This will ensure utilities are up and running at your new home and the utilities at your old home remain on until moving day.
  4. Have your vehicle(s) serviced so they’re prepared to get to your new community and equipped for travelling through various weather conditions you may encounter.
  5. Moving out of the area? Remember to pick up any dry cleaning or layaway items from local merchants. If you have a safety deposit box you should also arrange to collect those contents before your move.
  6. Kids and pets can be quite a handful during a move. So you’re not distracted you may want to make arrangements for them on moving day.
  7. Set aside a particular area or a room for the packers and movers to work safely and comfortably.
  8. Never leave your movers unattended. Remain at your house the entire time to oversee the process and be around should something come up.
  9. Don’t forget to leave behind manuals and instructions for the new homeowners.
  10. Perform a final sweep of your home to double check nothing’s being left behind. All doors and windows should be locked and keys should be left with the new homeowner, realtor or designated person.

Though this list doesn’t cover everything you need to know or do before moving, it will certainly give you a good start. Call Sandy Rutledge at 902-497-5500 to learn more about 15 Dronachy Lane, the last new remaining homes for sale in Halifax in the Ravenscraig community

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