"It has been more than a year since we purchased our Mont Blanc Terrace townhouse.  We can only say how pleased and delighted we are with our purchase.

Why Mont Blanc Terrace?  We looked for a number of years at various condominiums and townhouses throughout the peninsula and determined that Mont Blanc was very well priced and would protect its long term value.  This has been underlined by the resale value of a number of units since our purchase.

What pleases us the most has been the energy efficiency, whereas, our previous house cost us in excess of $4,000 per year, but we spent approximately $1,200 in our first year in Mont Blanc - a major savings, but without compromising in comfort levels plus no drafts or noisy furnaces or fuel delivery.

In addition, we are pleased with the finishes and quality of construction, plus the great service provided to us by Polycorp in making changes within our unit.  

Most of all, Mont Blanc is a true community and great neighborhood, where neighbors wave and say hi to each other.  The townhouse association is well managed, organized and looks out for the well being of the owners.  Management of snow removal and landscaping has been great, all for a reasonable association fee.

Thank you and to the very best for the future!"

- John and Julie Walker

 "After being in the housing market for several years my wife and I decided to build a new home. We chose to buy a new house built by Polycorp located in Ravenscraig at Fleming Park. We are very happy that we  did. The process was smooth and enjoyable. The people we worked with were knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go that extra step. The quality of the house is outstanding. In our opinion, the development  at Ravenscraig is second to none.  If you are looking for a new, energy  efficient home built to very high standards, we would not hesitate to recommend the team at Polycorp."   

- Kevin Cunningham and Melissa Mathers 

“We had been toying with the idea of moving on and off for awhile, although we were in a house we, for the most part, loved. With so many available options, we looked at condos, we looked at renovation projects, we looked at buying a lot and building on our own. We had looked at Ravenscraig a while earlier and then went back and looked again.  Out of all the options, Ravenscraig seemed to make the most sense.  Building what would ultimately be to our taste without the constant managing of being your own contractor, seemed like the best choice at this time in our lives.   We are a couple who truly enjoy the process,  the planning, designing, and integrating all the details into the big picture.  We found, very happily, that working with everyone at Polycorp was a really good experience.  They were every bit as attentive to detail as we are, and the finished product, well that was no surprise, we knew we were working with a quality builder. We love our new home!!!!! It's aesthetically beautiful, solidly built, energy efficient, and incredibly quiet. We would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thanks to all the good folks at Polycorp.” 

- Linda Rand and Barrie Green


“Building a new home and moving your family can be a prolonged and stressful event.  We were fortunate to have partnered with Polycorp.  Our experience was a positive one, despite all the uncertainties and tensions that inevitably exist. The Polycorp team is focused on quality.  The attention to detail and to consistently maintaining high standards is commendable. Polycorp was and continues to be accommodating, accessible, and always candid.  The relationship with Polycorp has extended long past our closing date. Today our new home is everything we had hoped. There is a clear and appealing vision for Ravenscraig neighbourhood and we look forward to seeing it fully realized.”

- Catherine J. Woodman  

“Buying a new home can always be a major challenge, especially if you are relocating to a new city, as was the case with us. Our real estate agent introduced us to Ravenscraig at Fleming Park by Polycorp; and we’re so glad that she did. The staff members at Polycorp made the entire process involved in purchasing a new house, from selecting the right floor plan to the final pre-closing walk-through, a pleasant experience. Without an exception, all of our friends and families have made positive comments on our new house. It is energy efficient, very quiet, and the floorplan is just what we always wanted. Without hesitation, we recommend Polycorp to anyone searching for a new house and desiring quality.” 

- Negin and Edmond Ghiabi 

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