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We’d like you to know what to expect if you are considering buying a home from Polycorp.  So let’s get started:


The first step is to call our Salesperson Catheryn Hodgson at 902-431-9911, or drop by one of our open house locations.  We’d like to meet you so we know exactly what you are looking for and whether a Polycorp home would be right for you.  We’re happy to make an appointment to meet with you and answer all of your questions about our homes and real estate in Halifax. You can even walk lots with us and learn about our process.  We know that with new construction there’s a lot to consider, and we don’t mind taking the time to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the home and the process before you make the decision to purchase.



We are happy to work with you directly or through your real estate agent as you search for new homes in Halifax NS.  We encourage agents to bring prospective buyers to our homes.  If you are working with a real estate agent, normally your first visit to a Polycorp project would be made by you and/or your real estate agent.  If you visit one of our communities on your own, you should advise our staff members that you are working with a real estate agent, and provide the agent's name at that time.  If the agent's involvement comes after your first visit to one of our communities, we will certainly work with you and your agent, but the commission that we pay the agent will be adjusted.  That’s between us and the real estate agent; details will be provided on request.



We allow 10 business days for you to complete your financing arrangements once you’ve made an offer on any Halifax new homes.  However, financing institutions can require a great deal of information and documentation, so it’s a good idea to start the process ahead of time.  When buying a home for sale in Halifax, starting early ensures you’ll know how much you can afford and getting pre-approved for financing is a good idea.  Don’t forget to include an estimate of the cost of any upgrades you are considering. Polycorp will provide estimates of upgrades on request.

You will also need to select a lender whom you can trust to give you good advice and assist you in meeting the requirements for financing approval.  It is your finance officer’s job to understand your financial circumstances completely, so do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you have with your finance officer.  Please feel free to contact our preferred lender for Ravenscraig, Peter Makropoulos with RBC

The amount of information required for a mortgage application can be extensive.  You can make the process easier by collecting as much information as you can and bringing it along to your first appointment.  The following checklist is provided as a general guide to assist you in preparing for your appointment. Although this list is not exhaustive, some of the items mentioned may not apply to you.


  • Driver’s license or other photo identification, and Social Insurance Number.
  • Addresses, both current and for the past two years, including names and contact information of landlords.
  • Particulars regarding existing mortgages, if applicable.
  • Divorce decree and separation agreements, if applicable.
  • Letter of employment from current employer stating length of employment as well as gross income and any overtime, bonuses etc.
  • Copies of Notices of Assessment for past two years’ income tax returns.
  • Child support income or payment - verification may be necessary.
  • A listing of assets and liabilities - supporting documentation may be necessary.
  • Make sure you defer any new purchases involving monthly payments, such as furniture or appliances, until after you have closed on your new home – another monthly payment may disqualify you before the bank advances funds!



Try our Mortgage Calculator.


Terry Brookbank, our Salesperson, will meet with you to explain the offer process and, when you’re ready, complete and sign the offer.  Or we will forward our offer forms to your real estate agent upon request.  By signing the forms, you are not obligated in any way.  The agreement specifies a period of time for your lawyer to review the agreement and for you to secure financing based on the financial institution’s review of the agreement.  There may be other conditions that must be fulfilled, either by you or by us, before the agreement becomes a binding contract. 



Once all of the conditions in the agreement are fulfilled to your satisfaction, you are buyers of a brand new Polycorp home – congratulations!  If you are buying a single-family home, which is not yet finished, we will contact you to arrange for your first “construction meeting.”  At the first meeting, our VP Development and our Project Manager will discuss the detailed plans for your new home with you and, depending how far along it is in the construction process, consider the feasibility and cost of any changes you would like to make to your new home.  They will also explain the process – for example, they’ll tell you when and how to select finishes for your home (such as flooring, kitchen and other cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and paint colours) and what to expect in terms of further meetings.  They’ll answer any and all questions you have.  You’ll receive a Homeowner Manual so that you’ll know some of the care and maintenance issues involved with your new home and with various finishes you are considering.

Once the process is underway, if you wish to upgrade or customize finishes, cost estimates will be provided to assist you in your decision.  We maintain a tally of upgrade costs on our "Schedule I", and you will receive updated drafts periodically throughout the process.  Our construction team understands that the building process can be stressful, and they will do their best to make the process a positive experience.  You will be involved in every step of our home building process.  We believe communication is key, and our door is always open.



As your new home nears completion, it’s an exciting time. However, there is also a lot to think about.  We’ll do our best to help you prepare.  As closing day approaches, we’ll send you the final numbers for approval, and then send them on to the lawyers.  We’ll send you a note about how to set up your mailbox delivery, where to order your green bins and other simple suggestions about how to prepare for closing day.  A day or two before closing, you’ll do a walk-through of your new home with our Construction Manager.  During this meeting, you will receive orientation on the major components of your home.  You’ll have the Homeowner Manual to refer to, so don’t worry if you can’t remember everything!  Any unfinished work and other deficiencies will be listed on a pre-closing inspection report, which will be sent to the lawyers and form part of the closing documents.  We are committed to fixing and finishing deficiencies as soon as possible (if not before, then immediately after closing).  On closing day, as soon as we hear that funds are received, we’ll contact you to arrange for delivery of keys, after which you’re ready to make your move!  Best to plan your move for, at the earliest, the day after closing day – often keys don’t change hands until late afternoon on closing day.



Your Homeowner Manual includes emergency phone numbers to call in the event of a problem which occurs outside regular business hours.  Soon after you’ve moved in, we’ll drop by to see how you are settling in to your new home.  Approximately 60 days after closing we will contact you to see if there are any items requiring our immediate attention.  There will be a final warranty meeting as you approach the end of the one year builder warranty period.  If you have any concerns in the meantime, we are only a phone call away.  All of our homes are covered by two warranties - a one year builders warranty, and a warranty against major structural defects for at least seven (7) years.

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