North end Halifax, NS apartment homes for rent Mont Blanc

Refer-a-Friend Program

Are you a current resident at Mont Blanc Residences in Halifax? Do you have a friend who might like to live here?

If so, fill in the form below with your contact information and your friend’s name(s). We will keep the names on file. When your friend(s) applies to becomes a Resident at Mont Blanc, and is a successful applicant, we will give you a $500 credit on your rent! This one-time credit will be applied towards your rent for the month following your friend’s move into the building, i.e. if the move-in occurs on January 1, you’ll receive your credit against February’s rent.



Please note:

  • You must be living at Mont Blanc to participate.
  • The one-time credit is to be used solely against your rent; this referral reward will not be issued as cash.
  • The credit is not per person on an application; it is per apartment home. For example, if you provide the name of two friends who will be sharing an apartment, the credit is still $500. If you provide the name of a friend and the friend applies with another person, you will still receive the credit for the referral as they’re in the same suite. 
  • You are not limited to only one referral. If you provide two names and each is a successful applicant who moves into Mont Blanc, in separate apartments, you will receive an additional $500 one-time credit.