☀️ “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” ☀️

Thomas Edison, 1931


Situation: single-family residential homeowners can install solar panels, multi-unit apartment buildings cannot…yet. 

Our aim: help the province reach its goal of producing 80% of our energy through green initiatives (like solar) by 2030

What we are asking for: your assistance, please

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  • Premier Tim Houston;
  • Honourable Tory Rushton, Minister of the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables;
  • Honourable Tim Halman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change; and
  • Honourable John Lohr, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

LET THEM KNOW YOU AGREE that apartments should be able to use solar energy to do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


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If you’d like to do more, please contact your MLA, share the link for this page with your friends and family, and join in on the discussion on social media.


The ‘why’ behind this

Our Saving the Planet page on this site gives some insight into our commitment to energy efficiency. 

For some time, the Nova Scotia solar power net metering program existed for single-family homes. However, the net metering cap made solar energy unfeasible for apartment buildings. In the spring of 2021, the Provincial Government made changes to the Electricity Act by removing the net metering cap. This was an excellent first step and we were very excited about it!

Now, we need the province to move to the next step…and allow forward-thinking multi-unit apartment building (MURBs) to install large-scale solar panels and generate clean solar energy. A regulatory and policy framework needs to be developed in order to move forward.

The recent report released by the IPCC shows the profound impact on us all if changes aren’t made to reduce greenhouse gas. Nova Scotia can become a world leader in reductions…and one way is maximizing the amount of renewable solar energy that could be generated.

Here’s an example of what we’d like to do on our building in Wolfville. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Thank you for your help! 

List of MLAs: click here to access the Nova Scotia Government’s website that lists each person and contact information.